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The City of Lahore is known for its rich culture, delicious food and buzzing social life. It is also one where people want to look their best. As of late, there has been a boost in the media, fashion, beauty, spa and the fitness industry. People have generally become more careful of the way they look. They want to look good although in a natural manner- so what is more natural than obtaining hair through a hair transplant surgery. A procedure that makes use of the person’s own hair that is taken from a permanent region of the head and implanted into the balding area to have hair grow out naturally

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men hair lossHair Loss in Men

There are millions of people all over the world who are affected by hair loss. Although men hair loss is quite common compared to women but still there are many who do not have much idea about why this happens. Read more


women hair loss Hair Loss in Women

When you think about hair loss, it is a problem that generally considered being associated with men. However, female hair loss is also quite common though the pattern and causes of loss can be different.
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men hair transplant Why Hair Transplant

It is true that the number of hair transplant clinics has mushroomed in the last decade, and you can find a few in even small cities. However, Lahore is still the hub of hair transplant surgery.
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I made a second session for hair transplant. It was very successful and all the team was very cooperative and supportive.

I thank all the team who made my dream real.




  • Hair loss treatments to win your war against baldness

    Pumped up to fight your hair loss – here comes the help. You are not alone in your combat against hair loss. There is a lot of ammunition available in the form of information, medicines, and surgery
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